********* OSCA Championship Finals Recap **********
Author: Elan Imseis :: Posted: October 05
Well, going into the championship final weekend, we were in 2nd place, 35 points behind the 11.90 leader, Dan Pepper.

35 points is a huge difference to make up in a single race and with only 6 11.90 cars on the grounds, it meant that Dan would have to qualify last, get sent home in the first round and I would have to qualify 1st and win the event to just tie him for 1st.

Needless to say, a tall order and not a likely scenario.

I also had to be aware of Randy Nunn, who was sitting in 3rd place only 22 points behind me.

Well after Saturday's qualifying action completed, Dan ended up qualifying 4rth, therebye killing any chances of me catching him (as if that was going to happen!!!). Randy ended up qualifying 1st and I qualified 3rd. Randy gaining 2 points on me after qualifying.

With 3 rounds of racing to go (30 points available), Randy was only 20 points behind me. First round would be crucial to me keeping second overall for the season - I lose, Randy has a chance to pass me in the points standings.

Sunday's racing action was altered to 1/8th mile format due to the rain we had overnight. Our 11.90 index for 1/8th mile was to be 7.65.

First Round:

I lined up against Oscar Levesque in his 4 gear mustang for first round. We both staged and as the amber turned to green, I left with a fairly good light and was in front of Oscar by a car length taking the win - assuring myself of a second place finish for the season. But there was still more work to do. Two rounds left and with Randy winning his first round, he put himself in a position where if I lost the next round and he won the final, he would tie me for second spot. Randy also got a bye in the next round thanks to his #1 qualifier position.

Second round:

My opponent was a great freind and competitor in 11.90, Franklin Guillaume and his 69 four door Dodge Dart. Frank had the car working good this weekend for sure!

We staged the cars and I got on the convertor, loading it up to 3500 rpm - it felt like forever!! As I was anticipating the bottom amber, I all of a sudden saw my pre-stage bulb go out, which obviously meant my car moved deeper into the beams and I thought - CRAP! I have to take my foot off the throttle or I'll red light. Sure enough as I took pressure off my foot to bring the RPM down, the amber turned to green and I was DONE... Frank took off, I chased but could not get to him - he won the round. My day in 11.90 was done.

I now had to hope that Frank would beat Randy in the final round to allow me to sit alone in 2nd spot. Worst case scenario, Randy and I would share 2nd spot (literally - if he won the final round, we would be tied in EVERY TIE BREAKER CATEGORY!!).

Final Round:

I went up to the tower to watch. Frank and Randy lined up, the tree came down and both of them left good - I couldn't tell who was in front till the win light came on in Frank's lane and that sealed the deal for me. Way to go Frank!! A good win for you at the last event and it helped me stay alone in 2nd.

We also raced open comp this weekend and got beat by Randy Mounce (who ended up winning the event)...wow - lost to the two guy's that won the class!! We red lighted by 6 thousands of a second.

Banquet is the 17th of November - looking forward to it already!!

** OSCA brass decide to run a single event this weekend **
Author: Elan Imseis :: Posted: September 25
Well, our chances at a championship in 11.90 took a hit today and we didn't even fire up the car!

The official decision on the last event format came down today and it wasn't what we have been hoping for. The final event for the 2012 season will be a single race event which means the St. Thomas cancelled event will not be contested thereby eliminating the possibility of capturing those points.

Although it will make it more difficult, we will give it our all.

See you this weekend.

Final OSCA weekend for the 2012 season should be fantastic!
Author: Elan Imseis :: Posted: September 16
Well, it's been quite a while since we've posted anything here......the site needs to be updated a little and we are planning to do that soon.

The 2012 racing season is almost over and the final OSCA weekend will be contested on September 29 & 30 at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga Ontario.

There is some discussion to alter the format to contest two seperate races - one on Saturday to make up the cancelled St. Thomas event and the last race of the season on Sunday.

We currently sit in 2nd spot for 11.90 and in the top 10 for Open Comp.

Be there and you won't be sorry!!

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